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Tips For Preventing Clogged Drains

There’s nothing more frustrating than a clogged drain that takes a few different kinds of solutions or maybe even a snake courtesy of your local Woodland Hills plumbing expert to get fixed. Of course our reputable plumbing services have a list of preventative measures that you can adopt so that you lessen the chances of this occurrence and many of these are simple enough you’ll wonder why you didn’t already think of them.

One of the worst things that you shouldn’t do is put the wrong kind of waste into your sinks. Although we all know that it’s not the best for our health, everyone likes food that has been deep fried but putting that used grease down your sink can mean a call for plumbing services because your drain is clogged.

Often the things that we need to look for aren’t always readily apparent. Having big mature trees on your lot is something that provides years of enjoyment and increases the value of your home, but the roots from those trees can actually grow through pipes and cause all kinds of problems. That’s where we can come handy by providing the necessary video camera inspections that will be able to pinpoint problem areas that can result in backups and clogged drains.

While it’s important to clean all your drains on a regular basis, you need to be careful what you use as some cleaners have chemicals in them that can actually corrode the pipes under your sinks. Remember that when you have a clogged drain that you can’t handle on your own you can call us here at Woodland Hills Plumbing. Our expert Woodland Hills plumbing specialists are bonded and insured.

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