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All About Funny Tasting Water

There’s one thing that sends out red flags quicker than any other plumbing problem and that’s funny tasting water. Following is a small primer from our plumbing services that will fill you in on everything that you need to know about funny tasting water and what you can do about it.

First off, it’s important to remember that while the quality of water Americans enjoy has one of the highest standards of drinking water anywhere in the world, there are still water problems that arise but our Woodland Hills Plumbing services can find a remedy for anything that troubles your family when it comes to the quality of their drinking water.

One of the more common problems is iron and other contaminants and here there’s a need to differentiate between point of use and point of entry to determine the origin of the problem. Pesticides and industrial waste are other examples of the problems that can be found in the water you drink, and we supply the plumbing services that can pinpoint the contaminants and then suggest the right remedy whether that’s a filtration system or a call to the proper municipal authorities. Contaminated water can also stain your sinks and even corrode your pipes.

Making sure that supply of drinking water that you and your family use is clean and pure is just as important as putting a solid roof over their heads. Remember that not everyone in the world has access to fresh drinking water and  3.575 million people die each year from water-related disease.

You can get in touch with us today and our Woodland Hills plumbing services will help you to ensure that the drinking water supply you and your family use is safe.




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