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Water Treatment – Filtration

Your family’s health is your number one priority and having the purest drinking water possible is an essential part of that goal. Our water filtration and treatment systems here at Woodland Hills Plumbing start right at the source of all the water that enters your house.

Our plumbing services start by putting a main water filter on the pipe that enters the building so you can rest assured that any impurities are caught right away. The water filtration that’s a standard part of our Woodland Hills Plumbing Services will remove dirt and sediments from your water as well as chemical tastes and odors. However, the options that we present to keep your water clean and healthy here at Woodland Hills Plumbing go beyond simple filtration.

Hard minerals like calcium and magnesium might be necessary and even beneficial in other areas of nature, but you don’t want them in your household water. That’s why our plumbing services also offer water softeners to combat these minerals that can actually cause problems for appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and even your entire plumbing system.

In a process called ion exchange, the mineral tank that’s installed uses this idea to attract the charged calcium and magnesium ‘beads’ thus taking them out of the water before it enters your home. The calcium and magnesium are taken out and replaced with harmless sodium.

Our Woodland Hills Plumbing Services also includes water conditioning units so your coverage from anything harmful is complete. That way you’ll be assured of being free from any volatile organic compounds like pesticides or bacteria or metal as well as offending odors.  We’ll come right to your home and take the samples we need to and then design the water filtration system that will make everything  right.

All you need to do to start down the path to healthy water for your family and home is call us or click online today.