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Some Tips For The Do It Yourself Plumber

Everyone wants to know how to do things themselves when it comes  to plumbing and even though there are jobs that are too big and complicated for the average DIY enthusiast, a few simple tips can put you on the path to the kind of preventative maintenance that will ensure you only need to call Woodland Hills plumbers when you need to.

For example one of the things that you might want to do when you’ve located a leak and are waiting for the Woodland Hills Plumbing experts is patch the pipe yourself until help arrives. Stopping even a pinprick sized hole can make all the difference and to get the job done here all you need is one of the following:

  • Rubber electrician’s tape
  • Epoxy putty
  • A hose clamp

Any combination of the above items can be used to temporarily stop the flow of water until a more permanent solution can be achieved. Remember that you’ll need to use something like a piece of bicycle inner tube when you’re using the clamps and the putty will work at joints where the clamps or electrical tape won’t fit.

If you’re suffering with a mildew problem you’ll need to be proactive before mold gets a foot in the door. Here you need to make sure that you’ve got properly ventilated rooms, specifically in the bathroom and kitchen, and that you’ve bought and installed the correct fans that will have the power to correct the situation before it becomes a larger problem.

Finally, you need to know when you need to have professionals on your side like the Woodland Hills plumbers that you can get working for you here. When the problem is beyond your scope, our Woodland Hills Plumbing experts will come and get you back on track quickly and within your budget. Call or click today.

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