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Tips for Noticing Pipe Damage

One of the things that homeowners need to keep in mind is the fact that pipes generally don’t burst suddenly and the deterioration that takes place often occurs over a long period of time. Although it’s considered a good idea to call Woodland Hills plumbers when you start to notice a problem so that they can head off more costly repairs, there are several warning signs that the homeowner can look for.

The sound of running water is considered a tipoff  when everything is off and one of the things that could alert you to the need for Woodland Hills plumbing services.  Remember that you can look at your water meter when everything is off to see if it indicates a leak somewhere in the house. When the red triangle in the meter is spinning and you’re not using any water and haven’t for quite some time, your pipes could be leaking or in bad shape in some other manner.

Inside the house you need to look for cracking paint and mold or dampness as indicators that your pipes are damaged. Of course there are other areas that need to be looked at outside the home.

Tree roots can be a major problem since they seek out moisture and can actually grow through outdoor pipes with time, ultimately trapping sediment that would normally flow through. Having older clay pipe puts you at a bigger risk and the newer PVC designs are more preferable.

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