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Leak Detection Can Save Money

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that one of the biggest problems or worries they have about their plumbing is leak detection—or more specifically how to find and repair these leaks before they become a huge problem that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

One of the first things that all clients want to be sure of is that these leaks can be found without destruction to the surrounding structures. You want to be sure here to get Woodland Hills plumbers working for you that are highly trained, insured and bonded so that you can trust them with this kind of delicate procedure.

Leaks can come in several different forms and the red flags that exist can be a simple as a toilet that runs on or a spongy floor right under a concrete slab that cracks a tile. The point is that you need to find the Woodland Hills plumbers that can find the problems using non evasive techniques and equipment.

There are several things that you need to watch for and these little hints are generally the signs that you’ve got a leak somewhere.

  1. You get a higher water meter reading when you haven’t been using any water. Here we suggest at Woodland Hills Plumbing that you take a reading when everything is off and then come back in a few minutes. If you’ve used more water, you might have a leak.
  2. You can hear the sound of running water where there’s nothing turned on.
  3. There are warm damp spots on your concrete floors.

There are other indicators but the above problems could indicate that you need the help of a professional plumber to get the problem stopped before it becomes a real issue. Remember that even the smallest leak needs to be addressed as even a pinhole leak can waste enough water to fill over 12,00 bathtubs a year.

Leak detection is one of the more proactive steps that you can take when it comes to the plumbing in your home. Getting the right experts on your side is all about finding the Woodland Hills plumbers that are bonded, insured and trained in all the most modern technology when it comes to detecting and fixing the leaks that can occur in any home or business. If you’re suffering through one of these issues, call or click to get a hold of us here at Woodland Hills Plumbing. We’re the experts when it comes to leak detection.

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