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Q: My water bills seem to be higher than normal but nothing seems to be leaking. Where should I be looking when the faucets seem okay?

A: Check the toilet as that’s often where the problem is when all other things are equal. Remove the lid for the tank and make sure the level isn’t overflowing into the overflow value, and adjust the fill value to lower the level if that’s the case.

Q: My kitchen sinks are draining slowly. What’s the best thing to do?

A: First, it’s best to use a plunger on the problem to see if a little DIY know how wont get it fixed. If that doesn’t work, remove the trap and get a drain auger that can reach in to the problem. If nothing else works, call us as we’re the Woodland Hills plumbing experts.

Q: How do I prevent roots from getting into drain pipes?

A: Unfortunately, there’s not much that will impede roots from seeking out the kind of moisture that pipes provide. Given time, debris that’s leaving the house via these pipes will get mixed with the roots and the flow will be impeded. When you’ve got to call plumbing services to come in, consider having any older clay pipes replaced with PVC since the more modern variety hampers root intrusion.

Q: How can I reduce the size of my how water bills?

A: Re-insulating your tank is one option, but more and more Woodland Hills plumbers are recommending a tankless system. These provide an abundance of hot water that doesn’t use the extra energy that an older hot water tank does. The tankless system heats immediately for cost savings.

Q: What criteria should I use for selecting Woodland Hills plumbers for my business?

A: Look for references and a section on the company website that specifically deals with commercial plumbing. If there are no customer testimonials, try to find a client list that tells you you’re dealing with experienced professionals.

Q: What kind of maintenance and inspections should a septic system have?

A: It’s recommended that a septic system gets inspected once every four years. Neglecting to stay on top of any smaller problems could cost a lot if solids are allowed to flow into the drain field and block things up.

Q: How can I adjust the temperature on my hot water tank to ensure both conservation and an ample supply of hot water?

A: It all depends on the type of tank you have. Set an older model back to medium. Look for the dial on the front of a gas model and an electric unit has units hidden behind panels at the side of the tank. Make sure to shut the electricity off before you proceed here.

Q: I think there might be a problem with the pipes in a spot I can’t see. What should I do?

A: Calling in the professionals here is the right move. Professional Woodland Hills plumbing services will have the ability to carry out video camera inspections that can see problem areas that are behind bends or otherwise hidden to the naked eye.

Q: What criteria should I use to find a residential plumber for back flow installation?

A: You need to be sure to find the people who understand the job from start to finish and can carry on the necessary maintenance and fill out the right paperwork.

Q: How do I know when my pipes are leaking?

A: Check for mold and mildew in spots that have pipes on the other side of wall. An increase in a water bill is another indication. Take a look at the triangle on your water meter. If it’s spinning when there’s no water being used, the chances are you have a leak somewhere.